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The Pickering Cancer Drop In Centre
?What is the Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre
The centre is a self-funding registered charity. It was established by a group of cancer patients, who recognised the need to somewhere to go, to relax and talk with others in a similar situation. The also realised that families, friends and carers needed a place to find information and talk freely, without burdening the patient or each other.
What does the Centre offer?
Most people are affected by cancer during their lives and many find this a traumatic and lonely experience. We aim to help and support anyone going through the emotional upset of cancer, from diagnosis onwards, be they patients, their partners, children, friends, or carers.
We offer a safe, relaxing, friendly environment where mutual support and information can be found, without the pressure of appointments or time restraints. We offer a wide range of complementary therapies, such as reflexology, reiki, healing and massage; also nutritional advice, yoga and counselling. All are available free of charge.
Who Runs the Centre?
The Centre is run entirely by volunteers who give their time as and when they can or on a regular basis. Should you be interested in being as part of our closely knit team, please call us on 01892 511880.
Is the Centre a part of the NHS?
The Centre is an independent charity and we receive no funding from the NHS. A number of individual consultants and GPs refer their patients to us.
Who visits the Centre?
The majority of our visitors are cancer patients, family members and carers, seeking support or information, some of whom have returned many times. We also welcome visits from people interested in supporting us, including health professionals, local businesses and individuals wishing to raise funds for us or become volunteers.
How is the Centre financed?
We rely entirely on grants, donations and bequests, from businesses, organisations and individuals, and our own fundraising activities. You may have seen reports of some of our events in the local press.
How can I help?
We need volunteers with all kinds of backgrounds and skills, including qualified and experienced complementary therapists, fundraisers and people to help with publicity, clerical tasks and making the tea! If you would like to help, please 'drop-in' to see us, or write or phone. We are always very grateful for donations; if you would like to support us in this way, please send a cheque made out to 'The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre' to the postal address.